Compassionate Communities

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our communities’ compassion is coming into full relief. Everywhere, citizens are banding together to create support groups for the vulnerable and socially isolated in their communities. Whether it’s checking in by phone, delivering pre-cooked meals and groceries, or creating postcards to distribute in hospitals for patients who cannot see their loved ones, our compassion is mobilized.

Here are some practical tips from Compassionate Communities on how to identify and support the socially isolated in your community:

If you are a hospice, community or service agency:

  1. Mobilize volunteers to connect by phone with your members, especially those with mobility and mental health challenges, to ensure they have the information and help they need; arrange for weekly telephone reassurance checks
  2. Spread kindness and provide messages of hope and reassurance
  3. Ensure people who need to self-isolate have a means to receive food, medication and supplies
  4. Offer on-line arts, music, exercise, recreation and social activities to support your members
  5. Find out what other resources are available in your community for social referrals, community care, mutual aid and caremongering that people can be connected to
  6. Widely advertise the community care you provide to let people know you are there for them in their time of need


We want to collect and share positive and inspiring stories of people coming together! We hope to feature positive stories on our Social Media accounts to express appreciation and emphasize the importance of these compassionate acts while celebrating those who carried them out. Please send us any stories you would like to submit, and encourage others to share their stories too! (Click Here) Follow us on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook to view these stories. 

Are you interested in working towards making social care a sustainable, lasting movement that continues to support people long after this pandemic is past? Compassionate Communities in Ontario take an active role in supporting people and connecting people to supports, raising awareness about end-of-life, and building supportive networks in the community. If you have begun your own Compassionate Communities initiative, or are interested in receiving support to further expand your initiative, join the Compassionate Communities Community of Practice, here.

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