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Hospice Palliative Care Ontario
2 Carlton Street, Suite 808
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5B 1J3

Tel:  416-304-1477   Toll Free: 1-800-349-3111
Fax: 416-304-1479   General Email:

For information on specific hospice palliative care services in your community, please call 416-979-9779 or 1-800-349-3111 and dial extension 1.
The Information Line is open Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. If calling after hours, please leave a message.

All media inquiries: please contact Jennifer Mossop at or 1-519-619-2227.

For ACP publication orders: please contact Nav Dhillon at ext. 31

HPCO Staff Directory

Selina Abetkoff
Accreditation Coordinator, ext. 36
Contact Selina for:  inquiries related to HPCO hospice accreditation

Vanessa Casalinuovo
Communications and Donor Relations Coordinator, ext. 37
Contact Vanessa for: Donations; conference sponsorship and exhibitor inquiries; corporate sponsorship and Hospice Fund Development Community of Practice

Julie Darnay
Director, Education & Strategic Partnerships, ext. 30
Contact Julie for: All matters related to HPCO Educational Workshops, Communities of Practice, Speak Up Ontario, inquiries about the Quality Hospice Palliative Care Coalition of Ontario (QHPCCO) and interest in Provincial Collaborations with HPCO

Rachel Dragas
Lead for Person Centred Decision Making, ext. 32
Contact Rachel for: All matters related to Person Centred Decision Making Project, Health Care Consent and Advance Care Planning, Speak Up Ontario

Dianna Drascic, RN
Nurse Educator, Palliative Care Education Program
Contact Dianna for: information on the Palliative Care Education Program for Long-Term Care Homes in the City of Toronto

Nav Dhillon
Community of Practice Coordinator, ext. 31
Contact Nav for: All matters related to the HPCO’s Communities of Practice (Health Care Consent Advance Care Planning, Rural HPC, Compassionate Communities), Speak Up Ontario, Person Centred Decision Making E-Learning Modules, ACP workbook orders

Amanda-Lee Gomes
Project Coordinator
Contact Amanda-Lee for: All matters related to the HPCO Compassionate Communities Provincial Strategy and Provincial Projects

Dena Hamid
Finance & Administration Manager, ext. 27
Contact Dena for: All matters related to Administration and Finance

Melissa Horner
Executive Assistant to the President & CEO, ext. 22
Contact for:  All matters related to the President & CEO; Board Chair Interest Group; Residential Hospice Interest Group; and the palliative care education program for Long-Term Care Homes

Randy Markus
Conference Manager, ext. 23
Contact Randy for: All matters related to the Annual Hospice Palliative Care Ontario Conference

Richard Nguyen
Education Coordinator, ext. 33
Contact Richard for: All matters related to HPCO education workshops, webinars and events

Nithya Ravi
Administrative Coordinator for Julie Darnay and Annalise Stenekes, ext. 35
Contact Nithya to schedule meetings with Julie or Annalise, for inquiries related to HPCO Interest Groups, or for general administrative matters

Annalise Stenekes
Manager, Hospice Services, ext. 26
Contact Annalise for:  All matters related to HPCO Standards, Accreditation, Hospice Metrics, and Volunteer Training Curriculum

James Wilkie
Member Services Coordinator, ext. 34
Contact James for:  All matters related to membership application or renewal, Online Learning System for Hospice Volunteers, Hospice Metrics onboarding and maintenance of My Hospice sites, and statistical reporting

Brent Yang
Hospice Services Intern, 
Contact Brent: Accreditation Submission Sites

Rick Firth
President & CEO, ext. 24
Contact Rick for: Hospice palliative care policy; questions about starting a hospice; stakeholder relations; Board Chair Interest Group; Residential Hospice Interest Group; and government relations

Marissa Villacorta
Nevada Administration, ext. 29
Contact Marissa for:  Inquiries from Nevada program partners