Hospice Metrics (A Voice for Change)

Why participate in this project?

The HPCO Hospice Metrics platform offers a suite of:

  • Outcome and impact measures
  • Data collection methods
  • Analysis tools

Together, this information demonstrates the impact and value of hospice services.

The development of the Visiting Hospice, Shared Care Team, and Hospice Residence components of this system has been a collaborative process between HPCO staff, management consultancy Stratim Inc, and stakeholders from across the province.

The benefits to operationalizing this system include:

  • Demonstrating impact and value of hospice services on a provincial and local level
  • Simplifying the collection of data at the local level
  • Enabling local Hospices to access analytical tools that give them insights into their own data
  • Achieving consistency with objectives set by HQO and contributing to the development of OPCN metrics
  • Alignment with HPCO Accreditation requirements

Who can participate?

This system has been designed for HPCO member organizations offering Hospice Residence, Visiting Hospice, or Palliative Community/Outreach/Shared Care services. It produces clear, consistent results that are useful for provincial advocacy and local engagement efforts.

Certain portions of the system require a cost-share to participate. For more information, contact the Manager of Hospice Services at 416-304-1477 x26.

How does it work?

Those who wish to participate must register on HPCO’s SharePoint portal (this requires a Microsoft 365 account). Once you have access to the Metrics site, you can begin collecting data immediately.

  • The “Client Check In” is designed to capture data from the informal check-in with the client, which can be used to calculate key measures. In VHS, this normally occurs once per month by telephone. In RH, this normally occurs a few days after admission.
  • The “RH quarterly statistics” (RH only) is designed to capture important statistical information which can be used to calculate key measures.
  • The “Client Lifecycle” (VH only) is designed to capture key dates from a client’s service experience (Referral Date, Assessment Date, etc) which can be used to calculate key measures. The data can be produced in a report from your information management system.
  • Additional measures and data collection tools are in development

Interpreting the data

After submitting a minimum amount of data, a “My Hospice” site will be created, providing various ways of analyzing the data that has been collected. The results can be instrumental in your local engagement and advocacy efforts.

Summary of the measures

Over 30 measures have been defined so far. These measures fall into four key categories:

  1. Client Experience
  2. Health Service Provider Experience
  3. Service Delivery
  4. Sustainable System

The measures represent a mix of objective and perceptive data, and every measure relates back to one of the HQO quality dimensions (Effective, Efficient, Equitable, Patient-Centred, Safe, Timely).