Rural Hospice Palliative Care CoP

Definition of Rural

Several definitions and considerations related to ‘rural’ and ‘rural health’ exist, however no standard definition exists. Therefore, for the purpose of the Rural HPC CoP, the definition for ‘rural’ to guide ongoing discussions addressing issues in rural communities was adopted from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care:

‘Rural’ communities in Ontario are those with a population of less than 30,000 that are greater than 30 minutes away in travel time from a community with a population of more than 30,000.


Why is a Rural Hospice Palliative Care Community of Practice needed?   It is known that rural Ontario has a higher proportion of seniors per capita as compared to urban settings and the projections are signaling that this trend will be increasing in the coming years.


HPCO is dedicated to hosting and supporting the Rural Hospice Palliative Care Community of Practice and continuing to facilitate and share work that encourages rural HPC discussions, reinforces the connections, and participates in the shared dialogue and opportunities of CoP collaboration.


  • To facilitate a forum for dialogue and exchange of information
  • To provide opportunities to support individuals within the field
  • To foster collaboration and innovation (i.e., technology)
  • To create synergy and identify common projects
  • To enhance capacity

To become a member of the Rural Hospice Palliative Care Community of Practice, please click here.