Compassionate Communities CoP

Compassionate Communities Conceptual Model

The conceptual model for our provincial level Compassionate Communities CoP is a combination of population health promotion (PHAC, 2012); the Ottawa Charter (WHO, 1986); the Chronic Disease Management Model (Group Health Research Institute 2003), and Accountable Communities for Health (Cantor 2015)


The purpose for this Community of Practice is to connect individuals in Ontario that are actively involved in a structured Compassionate Community project and offer an infrastructure to support these individuals in sharing knowledge and information.

Goals of the CoP

  • To facilitate a forum for dialogue and exchange of information
  • To share outcomes for comparable learning
  • To grow leadership skills and capacity
  • To provide opportunities to support individuals within the field
  • To foster collaboration and innovation (i.e., technology; population-level risk screening)
  • To create synergy and identify common projects
  • To enhance capacity
  • To cultivate best practices
  • To develop as an active and engaged community of practice advancing the goals.

To become a member of the Compassionate Communities of Ontario Community of Practice, please click here.

Criteria for Membership: 

Open to any individual who is:

  • interested in learning more about Compassionate Communities
  • interested in assisting with disseminating tools, resources, promotion and awareness of Compassionate Communities
  • considering beginning their own Compassionate Communities initiative
  • working in a structured organization participating in a Compassionate Community/City initiative in Ontario
  • working on a Compassionate Communities initiative that has begun community engagement, and/or identified a project sponsor, and/or secured resources or funding

Benefits of Becoming a Member:

  • More perspective and understanding of the problems and issues Improved solutions 
  • Shared Practice = Less duplication and reduced cost and time
  • Shared Knowledge = Stronger workforce and more sources of expertise 
  • Meaningful participation = Improved performance and outcomes
  • Increased trust and confidence = Increased success and sustainability

Compassionate Communities Community of Practice Project Members in Ontario

Interested in volunteering or partnering with any of the Compassionate Communities listed in the map? We encourage you to contact the projects directly or email Please note that the Compassionate Communities Projects are listed as blue items. You can view the full list by clicking the drop down arrow beside “All items”. Please note that this map also contains Visiting Hospices in greenand Hospice Residences in orange. These hospices are not all necessarily Compassionate Communities Projects, unless they are listed in the Compassionate Communities list.