Interest Groups

What is an Interest Group?

An Interest Group is a forum provided by HPCO to foster networking, knowledge exchange, sharing of expertise, and prioritizing common issues amongst hospices across the province.  Each Interest Group selects representatives to act as co-chairs.

An online collaboration site is provided for each Interest Group. This allows for members of the Interest Group to collaborate, share, and network between meetings.

Who can participate?

Key individuals from organizational member hospices, associates or individual members (for some interest groups) of HPCO may participate in Interest Groups relevant to their role. Meetings are generally held twice a year virtually or in-person depending upon the type of Interest group. Frequency of meetings may also vary for each.

Which Interest Groups are currently active?

  • Hospice Residence Interest Group (RHIG) – Executive Directors of operational hospice residences.
  • Visiting Hospice Interest Group (VHIG) – Executive Directors or senior most staff person responsible for visiting hospice programs.
  • Board Chair Interest Group (BCIG) – Chair or Vice Chair of HPCO member organizations.
  • Grief and Bereavement Interest Group (GBIG) – Staff person primarily responsible for grief and bereavement support services.
  • Design Build Interest Group (DBIG) – Individuals representing an approved hospice build project.
  • Coordinator of Volunteers Interest Group (CVIG) – Staff person primarily responsible for volunteer management in a hospice.
  • Hospice Residence Clinical Lead Interest Group (RH-CLIG) – Staff person designated as Director of Care or Clinical Lead within a hospice residence.
  • Complementary Therapy Interest Group (CTIG) – Staff person primarily responsible for complementary therapy services.
  • Fund Development Interest Group – Staff, board member or volunteer responsible for fund raising in a hospice setting.
  • Medical Director Interest Group – Medical Directors within a hospice residence.

How do I find out more?
For more information about any of HPCO’s Interest Groups, please use our contact form here or call 1-800-349-3111