New Webinar: Intersection of Faith and Culture in Approaches to Equitable Palliative Care

When: January 27, 2021, from 6:00 P.M. to 7:30 P.M. EST
Target Audience: Healthcare professionals, frontline staff
Speakers: Nadine Persaud (Kensington Health), Anwar Parbtani (BCFHT & Royal Victorial Regional Health Centre), Michelle Van Walraven (BCFHT & Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre)
Introduction: Understanding patients’ religious and cultural beliefs as a group/ethnic entity is important in provision of palliative care. However, understanding how a patient interprets these beliefs and value systems would afford more relevant guidance for setting goals of care that would be equitable and aligned to the patient’s personal wishes.
Objectives: We will briefly review the literature on spirituality, faith, and culture in hospice palliative care and elucidate the importance of this through lived experience of supporting patients. We will provide an understanding of the role that cultural humility and cultural safety play. We will seek to draw on the experiences and expertise of the audience to promote an approach to holistic, equitable, and respectful palliative care through the understanding of patients’ spiritual needs in consort with their cultural values.
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