HPCO Statement and Actions on Anti-Racism

At the core of hospice palliative care is a steadfast belief in the intrinsic value of each individual and their right to quality of life and quality of care. Hospice Palliative Care Ontario (HPCO) acknowledges the long-term and historical trauma that has been a reality for racialized minorities and Indigenous peoples who have had their rights denied and infringed for generations. The sad and deplorable events of late May triggered a renewed and evermore stringent effort by the team at HPCO to reflect and review our own processes and to take action on anti-Black racism and racism in all its forms.

HPCO is establishing an Anti-Racism and Equity Advisory Group to provide HPCO with guidance on additional actions and initiatives. We will reach out to our members and stakeholders to help populate the Advisory Group.

HPCO has spent the last several months reviewing existing Hospice Standards and is expanding them to incorporate additional anti-racism guidance for hospices. Safe space will be created for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour working in the Hospice Palliative Care sector to provide advice and share their experience. HPCO will offer anti-racism education and training to its members, and we will do more, based on feedback from our members and the Advisory Group. Our goal is to have a sector wide multi-year strategy for anti-racism and equity.

HPCO will also continue to advocate for equitable access to hospice palliative care services for all people throughout Ontario of all cultures and ethnicities.

Racism, discrimination, exclusion, intolerance, and violence have no place in a just society, and especially in health care. HPCO condemns racism in all its forms, and we stand with all those who have suffered injustice and discrimination.

We will challenge each other, hold each other accountable, reach out to each other, and respect the people we serve and with whom we work. Now and always.



Rick Firth
President and CEO
Hospice Palliative Care Ontario

HPCO’s Values:

Courage:   We make the best decisions not just the popular ones. We dare to go down new roads and challenge accepted wisdom. We place clear expectations on one another and promote change.

Integrity:   We are professional and honest in our relationships. We honor our commitments. We hold ourselves accountable.

Respect:    We value the diversity of our members and stakeholders, their opinions, experience, and contributions.