Videos About Hospice Palliative Care

Here are some videos that may help you better understand what hospice palliative care may do for your or your loved one.

Hospice Peterborough

Steadman Community Hospice

Home and Community Care Support Services (HCCSS)
Ontario’s Home and Community Care Support Services (formerly Community Care Access Centres) organizations coordinate in-home and community-based care for thousands of patients across the province every day. Staff at the centres provide information and coordinate professional, personal support and homemaking services for people living in their own homes, and for school children with special needs. HCCSSs also determine eligibility and make arrangements for admission to some day programs, supportive housing/assisted living programs, and to certain chronic care and rehabilitation beds, and to all long-term care facilities.

Sharon Carstairs on Hospice Palliative Care

Senator Carstairs shares stories from her 15 years spent advocating for quality end-of-life care.

Larry Librach on Hospice Palliative Care

Dr. Larry Librach (1946-2013), a Canadian pioneer in hospice palliative care, speaks candidly about his own journey with terminal cancer in 2013.

Options When Treatment Fail

As part of the “You’ve got cancer, now what?” series, Canada AM Interviews Hospice Toronto’s Dena Maule and Dr. Gary Rodin from Princess Margaret Hospital about palliative care.

St. Joseph’s Hospice of Sarnia Lambton: Palliative Care Video–Linda’s Legacy

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