Large majority of Canadians now open to discussing end-of-life care

More than 80% of Canadians say they’re comfortable talking about end-of-life care issues, according to an Environics Research survey commissioned by Saint Elizabeth Health Care.

“The survey shows 34 per cent of respondents say they’re ‘very comfortable’ discussing these issues,” Saint Elizabeth noted in a press release this morning, “while a further 47 per cent are ‘somewhat comfortable’. Only three per cent say they’re not at all comfortable.”

The survey also shows that only one quarter of Canadians over the age of 30 have made end-of-life care plans, and just 40% over the age of 70 have done so.

“This study shows that Canadians are ready to start the conversation,” said Sharon Baxter, Executive Director of the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association. “A minority of Canadians – only 16-30 per cent – currently have access to specialist hospice palliative care services. We need to take the time to educate people on what is included in hospice palliative care and what the palliative approach to care can do. Only then can Canadians advocate for change.”

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