"Development of Advance Care Planning Research Priorities: A Call to Action"

Ana P. Johnson, Louise Hanvey, Sharon Baxter, and Daren K. Heyland, working on behalf of the Canadian Researchers at the End of Life Network, have contributed a study to the latest edition of the Journal of Palliative Care entitled “Development of Advance Care Planning Research Priorities: A Call to Action.” The objective of the study was to develop a national, prioritized research agenda for advance care planning.

“We first identified a list of comprehensive ACP research topics and determined priority criteria through focus groups. We next conducted a survey wherein importance weights were assigned to priority criteria and each ACP topic was rated. We combined weights and ratings into overall scores. A total of 17 ACP topics were developed and placed into four categories: patients and family members, the general public, professionals, and the healthcare system.

“Four main priority criteria were created: feasibility, consistency with ethical and societal values, economic considerations, and impact. Of the 100 individuals we invited to participate in the survey, 62 accepted. Prioritized topics centred largely on the impact of ACP on health resource utilization, communicating advance care planning across settings, and the preferred manner of engaging patients in ACP.”

For more information, please visit the Journal of Palliative Care online to obtain a copy of the full document.