Compassionate Communities Provincial Strategy


Hospice palliative care is aimed at relieving suffering and improving the quality of life for persons
who are living with, or dying from, advanced illness or are bereaved. The goal is to provide comfort
and dignity for the person living with the illness and his or her family as well as the best quality of
life. The wholistic domains of issues often associated with illness and bereavement include: disease
management, physical, psychological, social, spiritual, practical, end-of-life care and death
management, as well as loss and grief. Therefore, hospice palliative care is not just about dying, it is
about living well to the natural end of life.

In light of Canada’s rapidly aging population, Hospice Palliative Care Ontario is supporting a new
provincial strategy called “Compassionate Communities” to catalyze whole person care throughout
the province of Ontario, to benefit patients, family caregivers, and the formal health care system.
Consistent with Ontario’s Patients First agenda, this enhances access to care and strengthens
Ontario’s ability to connect, inform, and protect seniors as well as people with chronic and advanced
disease and their caregivers.

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Julie Darnay, Manager, Partnerships & Communities of Practice
Hospice Palliative Care Ontario
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