HPCO Queen’s Park Day 2022

Keep the Dying out of Hospital, Save $200M/Year With Excellent Care Monday October 31, 2022 The Elephant in the Room was back at Queen’s Park for the first in-person MPP Day since 2019. One-on-one meetings were held with more than two dozen MPPs and many more attended a lunch hour Continue reading →

Inclusion of Essential Components of the World Health Organization Palliative Care Development Model in National Palliative Care Plans

In 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a model to guide countries in the development of palliative care. The model is a result of consensus among palliative care experts and builds on previous models and frameworks. Sanchez-Cardenas and colleagues (2022) conducted a study to analyze national palliative care plans Continue reading →

Gender Disparities in End of Life Care

Traditional gender norms and expectations may disproportionately impact in-home palliative care received by women. A recent scoping review by Wong and Phillips (2022) evaluated the literature describing gender disparities in end-of-life care to explore relevant themes to inform future research and practice. The authors define gender as a social construct Continue reading →

How Do Patients Describe Hospice Care?

Clients often have misconceptions about hospice and these misconceptions may create barriers to enrolling in hospice care.  Such misconceptions may be related to the way providers communicate about hospice to clients and patients.  Brereton and colleagues (2022) sought to better understand the language used by older adults to describe hospice Continue reading →