Busting The Myths About Hospice Palliative Care #2


MYTH: Receiving hospice palliative care means you’ll die soon

FACT: Hospice palliative care is not just for the final days or months
of life. It’s holistic approach that includes pain and symptom
management, caregiver support, spiritual care, bereavement and much

Some supporting statistics:

  •  Over three in ten Canadians (32%) personally suffer from a chronic illness while four in ten (39%) have a sufferer in their immediate family. When taken together, six in ten Canadians (57%) either personally suffer from a chronic illness or have a sufferer in their immediate family.[i]
  • Chronic diseases account for 70% of all deaths.[ii]

[i] A quantitative online research survey of 2,976 Canadian adults. Completed using Harris/Decima’s proprietary
online panel so is precluded from reporting a margin of error. Data were collected between July 5 and August 7
2013. Survey data were weighted using 2011 Census to reflect general population (gender, age and region). P.8
[ii] Rachlis, Michael. Presentation to the Local Health Integration Networks (LHIN) Education Session,
Toronto, Ontario, April 6, 2006