Advance Care Planning, Health Care Consent, Goals of Care

For Health Care Providers

For COVID-19 specific guidance including case definitions please refer to the Ministry of Health COVID-19 Guidance here. Public Health Ontario is working closely with the Ministry of Health in the development of a wide variety of resources for those in various sectors and settings, guidance for effective surveillance and the continual review of the provincial case definition. We continue to monitor emerging information to provide timely scientific and technical advice, including summaries of global research. Please refer to the resources and links below.

Public Health Ontario has an extensive amount of resources about COVID-19, infection prevention and more. Visit their site here.

It is important to recognize the growing need for Advance Care Planning (ACP), Goals of Care (GoC), and Person-Centred Decision Making (PCDM) resources in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been reviewing, developing and compiling several resources that offer guidance and practical ideas for planning and delivering ACP conversations during the COVID-19 pandemic. To access information on Advance Care Planning in Ontario for Physicians, Nurses, Allied Health Professionals, across all health care settings, please click here. You can access resources intended to assist clinicians to engage patients in Patient-Centred Decision-Making conversations and help providers understand the conversations most appropriate to their practice setting and context.

For Individuals and Families

In light of all of the activity happening around COVID-19, it is important to acknowledge that our health can change without warning. You never know when someone will have to speak for you. In Ontario, there are specific laws about when and who can make health care decisions on your behalf, should you become mentally incapable of doing so. That person is your Substitute Decision Maker, which is chosen by law according to their relationship to you. We encourage you to browse the resources available here and participate in the appropriate Advance Care Planning conversations. It can be difficult to have these conversations with your family or friends, but they prove to be very helpful in the time need.