Health Care Consent Advance Care Planning

Resources for Health Care Providers, available here.

It is important to recognize the growing need for Advance Care Planning (ACP), Goals of Care (GoC), and Person-Centred Decision Making (PCDM) resources and education across all health care settings. We have been reviewing, developing and compiling several resources that offer guidance and practical ideas for planning and delivering Advance Care Planning conversations whether you work in Long Term Care, Acute Care, Primary Care, etc. These tools are available on the Speak Up Ontario website. We encourage you to share these documents with your colleagues, and other stakeholders as appropriate.


Resources for Non-Health Care Professionals, available here.

There is a growing need for education and support regarding Health Care Consent and Advance Care Planning in Ontario. If you are looking for resources to help answer any questions you have about health care consent and advance care planning, the Speak Up Ontario website is a great tool. It includes Ontario specific education, tools and practices that are compliant with the Ontario legal framework. It also contains the information that everyone needs to know to understand health care decision making processes in Ontario.


Resources for Individuals & Families, available here.

In Ontario, there are specific laws about when and who can make health care decisions on your behalf, should you become mentally incapable of doing so. We encourage you to browse the resources available at the Speak Up Ontario website and participate in the appropriate Advance Care Planning conversations. It can be difficult to have these conversations with your family or friends, but they prove to be helpful in the time need. The Speak Up Ontario website is meant to assist you in finding the support you need, exactly when you need it. It has been designed to provide help for people all over Ontario who are looking for information and resources on Health Care Consent, Advance Care Planning, Goals of Care Discussions, and Substitute Decision Makers.


Health Care Consent Advance Care Planning Community of Practice

Hospice Palliative Care Ontario’s Health Care Consent and Advance Care Planning Community of Practice (HCC ACP CoP) is fast becoming the Centre of Excellence for HCC ACP in Ontario and is supporting the integration of HCC ACP into practice utilizing the Ontario legal framework.

If you would like to become a member of the CoP and support the dissemination of reliable and accurate information that complies with HCC ACP in Ontario, or are simply interested in learning a bit more about the CoP, please click here.