Right Person. Right Place. Right Time.

When Ottawa South MPP, John Fraser spoke at HPCO’s annual conference last spring, his words instilled confidence in the nearly 700 attendees in the room that day – and more so since, through 16 consultations across the province over the last several months – that he was indeed the right person, in the right place at the right time, doing the right work.

It’s his personal experience that has brought him to ‘this job, this office, this responsibility’  saying he feels like ‘this is where I’m supposed to land.’

Fraser and his family are among the fortunate Ontarians who had access to hospice palliative care when his father and his family needed it. Acknowledging his own father’s death wasn’t without pain and discomfort, Fraser knows most of us don’t want to die in hospital, but most of us still do.

Believing hospice care should be a community responsibility, he suggests the care should be supported by government but not run by it, maintaining we invest in birth and should do the same for death.

His passion and understanding means Ontarians will benefit from a thoughtful and comprehensive report, expected to be published in the coming weeks, that is informed by all the right people.

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