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Hospice Palliative Care Ontario
2 Carlton Street, Suite 707
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5B 1J3

Tel:  416-304-1477   Toll Free: 1-800-349-3111
Fax: 416-304-1479   General Email: info at

For information on specific hospice palliative care services in your community,
please call: 416-979-9779 or 1-800-349-3111 and dial extension 28.

Staff Directory

Rick Firth
President and CEO, ext. 24    rfirth at

Contact Rick for:  Hospice palliative care policy; Media Inquiries; Questions about starting a hospice; Questions about standards (other than ordering); Stakeholder relations; Inquires about the Quality Hospice Palliative Care Coalition of Ontario.

Anna LeCoche
Executive Assistant to Rick Firth, ext. 22    alecoche at

Contact Anna for: Scheduling for Rick Firth; Speak Up Ontario (Advance Care Planning); Special projects; Interest group meeting coordination.

Paula Neil
Director of Operations, ext. 27    pneil at

Contact Paula for:  Member services including questions about accreditation, publication orders, and award nominations; Finance and Administration; Palliative care education program for LTC and CSS; and all other inquires not listed on this page.

Helen Reilly
Communications and Information Officer, ext. 28    hreilly at

Contact Helen for:  Locating hospice palliative care in your community, advance care planning guides, and all media enquiries.

Teresa Sottile
Conference Manager, ext. 23    tsottile at

Contact Teresa for:  All matters related to the Annual Hospice Palliative Care Ontario Conference including abstracts, sponsorship, and exhibitors.

Annalise Stenekes
Project Manager, Standards & Accreditation Review, ext. 26    astenekes at

Contact Annalise for:  Questions about review process for existing standards (client service standards and visiting volunteer policies and procedures).

Marissa Villacorta
Nevada Administrator, ext. 30    mvillacorta at

Contact Marissa for:  Enquires from Nevada program partners.