British Columbia Court of Appeal upholds ban on assisted suicide

In a split two-to-one decision yesterday, the British Columbia Court of Appeal ruled to uphold Canada’s ban on physician-assisted suicide. The federal government had previously appealed the landmark ruling of Carter v. Canada, which stated that voluntary euthanasia should be allowed under strict conditions. The British Columbia Supreme Court ruled last year that prohibiting assisted suicide violated the Charter rights of gravely ill Canadians. “These are complex issues that involve real people and real emotional situations,” said Hugh Scher, the legal counsel for the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition. Continue reading →

Three New Residential Hospices Opening

Matthews House Hospice is pleased to announce the opening of a new four-bedroom hospice in Alliston on Tuesday, August 6, 2013. The facility will open with two beds, expanding to four by the end of the year. The new residential program will help fill the gap for hospice palliative care beds in the Central LHIN. Alongside the residential program, Matthews House will continue to expand their successful community programs, which include home visiting and support for palliative clients, caregivers, the bereaved and their families. The Continue reading →

Let’s Talk About Hospice Palliative Care First

Today (June 12, 2013) in the Quebec National Assembly, the Dying with Dignity Bill was tabled by the Minister for Social Services and Youth Protection Véronique Hivon. The bill would allow for physician assisted dying in cases of patients near death who are suffering and have requested assisted suicide.  The Assembly adjourns for the summer this Friday so the debate and vote on the bill won’t happen until fall.  Should the bill pass, it will have complex and confounding implications for end-of-life care in Quebec and Canada. Continue reading →