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HPCO’s Caregiver Support Modules

You might be new to caregiving, or you might be well along your journey. Regardless of the unique circumstances of your situation, we do know that all caregiving can be incredibly rewarding, and it can be incredibly isolating and stressful too. This website is meant to assist you in finding the support you need, exactly when you need it. You can browse the topics in any order you would like to. Each topic is available on the web page, as a downloadable PDF, and a transcribed audio clip to listen along to. There are videos and activities that you can follow along with as well. Visit the website as many times as you like. Click here.

Saint Elizabeth Health CareChannel

SE Health has launched CareChannel, which is a free and comprehensive, educational platform that features over 80 ‘how-to videos’, care guides, and in-class training workshops. The user-friendly, online platform explores topics from self-care, to demonstrations on how to assist someone with crutches, to dementia care. In the spirit of reconciliation, the program was designed with caregivers who are First Nations, Inuit and Métis, and caregivers whose first language is English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, and Punjabi.

CareChannel will meet the needs of over 1 million caregivers in Ontario. With the launch of CareChannel, Ontarians can look forward to improving the sustainability of home and community care. Click here.

Ontario Caregiver Organization

The Ontario Caregiver Organization (OCO) exists to support Ontario’s 3.3 million caregivers; ordinary people who provide physical and/or emotional support to a family member, partner, friend or neighbour. The OCO will enhance the caregiving experience by providing one point of access to information, services and supports that empower and enable caregivers to be successful in their role. Where gaps exist in caregiver programs and services, the OCO partners with caregivers, health care providers and other organizations to find new and innovative ways to bridge those gaps so all caregivers, regardless of age, disease or geographical location have access to the help they need. Established in 2018, the OCO is a not-for-profit entity funded by the Government of Ontario. The OCO is offering to support caregivers during the COVID-19 situation.  Please visit the COVID-19 page of their website for up-to-date caregiver information and resources, including:

OCO is also offering the following programs:

Caregiving Communities: 

CaregivingCommunities is a new online portal that provides an easy way for people and organizations in your
community to find the support they need.

  • Individuals who need help can search for local organizations that are assisting with delivery of groceries
    and other essentials or social support.
  • Long-term care homes, retirement residences, and assisted living residences can search for local
    organizations that are collecting Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and providing other supports.
  • Local organizations that are offering help can register on the portal

For Individuals:

The Lighthouse for Grieving Children

The Lighthouse For Grieving Children offers bereavement support to children, teens and their parent/guardian who have experienced a life altering death, primarily of a parent/guardian or sibling. The Lighthouse has grown to become a lead children’s grief resource centre in the GTA, and a thought leader on supporting children’s grief across Canada.

Children and teens join facilitated peer support groups, and are placed according to developmental stage, and type of loss. Enrolment is ongoing and open ended during the school year. When a child or teen enrolls, the parents/guardians have the option to join a parent/guardian support group. The groups have traditionally been held in-person at the centre. Since the spring of 2020, The Lighthouse has added online groups, removing geographic barriers to participation.

The Lighthouse also provides telephone or email consultations to parents/guardians, as well as education, health and service professionals who support children or teens anticipating or having experienced death loss. Services to grieving families and consultations are provided free of charge. The Lighthouse offers education opportunities, and an annual children’s grief symposium. Click Here

Other Resources