Accreditation assures the delivery of consistent, high quality hospice palliative care among accredited programs and services located throughout the province.

HPCO Accreditation signifies to health professionals, the public and funders that an organization, institution or program is in compliance with industry standards and has been recognized by HPCO based on a rigorous review of overall performance by industry peers. Accreditation also serves as an indicator of commitment to continuous learning and improvement.

Organizations that offer Visiting Hospice Services (VHS) and/or Residential Hospice (RH) are encouraged to register to participate in HPCO’s Accreditation Program.

For a list of Accredited Hospices,  please click here.

The initial accreditation process spans at least 10 months and includes three major phases – Registration, Application and Collection/Submission of Evidence. The chart below provides an overview. Please see additional links at the bottom of this page for a detailed accreditation timeline and an information sheet.

Accreditation Timeline

Name of Cohort

Based on timing for collection of evidence

Registration deadline

Org declares intent to participate in Accreditation Program

Application deadline

HPCO assesses eligibility & preparedness of org.

Collection of Evidence

For electronic submission

Submission Deadline

Org provides evidence of compliance to HPCO

On-site Review

If applicable

Accreditation decision

Delivered in writing by HPCO

Spring/Summer Feb. 1 April 1 May-Aug Sept. 1 Sept/Oct Dec. 1
Fall/Winter Aug. 1 Oct. 1 Nov-Feb March 1 Mar/April June 1


The Accreditation decision is followed by ongoing compliance requirements.

For more information, please contact Annalise Stenekes, Manager, Hospice Services at 416.304.1477  ext. 26

If you wish to learn more about HPCO’s Accreditation program, please complete a survey indicating your interest. When a minimum number have indicated interest in the session, you will be contacted with the details required.

Accreditation – List of Accredited Hospices (as of January 2020)

Accreditation – Register Now

Detailed Accreditation Timeline

Accreditation – Request for Continuation

Accreditation – Fee Schedule Effective April 1, 2020

Accredited Hospice Stakeholder Complaints Form 

Accreditation – Diagram and Information Sheet

Accreditation Feedback Survey



HPCO accreditation provided us with the opportunity to pause and take an introspective look at our procedures and practices; allowing for both change and growth.  More importantly, the process allowed us to move from focusing on our current state towards developing a long-term vision for our program and define impact for both client services and our sector.”
-Lisa K., Jewish Hospice

“The HPCO Accreditation self-assessment framework guided our step-by-step review of all aspects of our volunteer visiting program processes. Additionally, our policies and procedures benefitted from our review through the lens of the evidence based HPCO criteria and standards.  We are confident that the HPCO Accreditation Program allowed us to strengthen our visiting volunteer program and our commitment to the ongoing improvement of the quality of our organization wide support for our clients and volunteers.”
-Janet B., St. Joseph’s Hospice London